Thank you to the drivers, owners, fans, staff and all who helped make this a great year at Diamond Park Speedway.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

2014 RULES


RAIN CHECK POLICY.....If less than six (6) races have been completed before the races are called, your tickets and pit passes will be honored at the next regular scheduled race meet.  ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  Six (6) races are considered a complete program of racing.  After those six (6) races, no refunds will be given and no tickets or pit passes will be honored for the next race night.  If the weather looks bad and you are in doubt if we will race or not, call the track for a message or check our website.

(870) 845-5390 or 870-557-2010

PROTEST POLICY.....A protest will be allowed in each feature race only and whomever protest must have been a participant for the three (3) previous weeks of racing.  Drivers in that race must finish 10th place or better to protest.  Each driver is allowed to protest only one car per night, and can only protest a car finishing in a higher position.  Anything found illegal during protest will be illegal.  Protest must be made by driver at the end of the feature race at the flag stand before being weighed.  Only the top 10 finishers of the Feature Race will be allowed to protest.  In the event that more than one driver wants to protest the same car, the driver that gets money to the flag stand first will have the right to do the protesting.  More than one protest is allowed after each feature race as long as it is on another car.  Two cars CAN NOT protest the same car. Points will remain the same, 2nd place will collect 1st place points and so on.  Driver must furnish tools.  Driver and pit crew of protested car, up to four (4) people, are allowed on the track during the tear down, and protesting car can bring two (2) people.  Cars found illegal will forfeit winnings for the night and all points for the season.  Cars found illegal twice will forfeit winnings for the night and all points for the season.  Third time offenders will be made to move up in class until the points season is over.  Any un-sportsman like conduct can be grounds for disqualification of protest on either side.  Tech official shall have a maximum of 72 hours to identify any questionable parts.  All decisions will be made by the tech official and will be final.  IF YOU CANNOT AGREE WITH THIS.....DO NOT PROTEST.  


1. Roll bars are required on all cars.  No screw joint fittings allowed.  The minimum requirements for all roll bars on all cars shall be an "A" shaped affair, constructed of at least 1 1/2 inch O.D. pipe with bars running from upper right corner to lower left corner and just the opposite on the other side of car forming "X" as viewed from front to rear.  There must also be a cross bar on top to complete a caged affair around the driver.  All roll bar pipes must be at least 1/8 inch in thickness, and must have an additional support extending from rear upright to rear position of frame.  No concrete reinforcement steel may be used.  All welds must have gussets.  All of the above is required for maximum safety for drivers.

2. All cars must be equipped with ignition switch accessible to driver at all times.

3. All cars must have gas tanks of heavy duty construction and must be securely fastened to frames.

4. All cars must have one shock per wheel and have two working brakes.

5. All seats must be welded to frame or bolted through floor and fishplate.

6. Racing seat only.  Must be bolted solid.

7. All hinged body parts must be securely fastened or welded.

8. All cars must be equipped with approved safety belts and all belts must be at least three inches wide and fastened to frame or cage.  All belts must be used.

9. Battery must be covered and fastened securely.

10. Full front caps and bodies are mandatory.  Wheel opening may be enlarged to allow larger tires.

11. Cars must have rear firewall between drivers compartment and fuel tank or trunk area.

12. No sharp or rough edges allowed on any exterior part of car.

13. No fuel lines inside of car.  All fuel lines must be run under car or floor pan. 14. All flywheel type cars must have a 180-degree blow proof housing or shatter proof shield with minimum 1/8-inch steel.

15. All open tube drive shafts must have a safety strap or chain of 360 degrees and must be painted white.

16. All fabrics, upholstery, windows and glass, door hardware and dash instruments must be removed from car.  All exterior chrome and decorations such as hood ornaments, mirrors, antenna, and outside door handles must be removed (except for front and rear bumpers). 

17. All cars will have front and rear bumpers at a reasonable height and extend beyond the body for pushing and must have a chain or steel loop device attached to the hook up.  Front hoop can be braced forward of radiator to bumper.

18. Approved racing helmets mandatory.  Helmets must have a "snell" rating. FIRESUITS ARE MANDATORY IN ALL CLASSES!!!

19. Appearance rule will be in effect at management’s discretion.  All cars must be painted and have a reasonable appearance with contrasting number on side and top of car large enough (2' X 20") for lap counter to distinguish from the officials box.  Also, a small number should be painted on the bottom of trunk lid.  Numbers are assigned by lap counter only.

20. Race position will be posted in the pit area.  It is the driver’s responsibility to know his position.  All races will be aligned in the pit area.  Drivers will be called to line up in pit area designated by pit steward.  Qualified cars are to be in correct line up and ready to start the event before entering the racetrack or pit steward is empowered to place a car at the back of line up or disqualify.

21. When the front row or cars is properly lined up the start will be official only upon the flagman signaling with the green flag.  The race will start in the number four turn with the pole car sitting the pace, which shall be consistent with track conditions and is required to keep the field in formation.  The steward or flagman shall be empowered to disqualify or penalize any drive violating this rule.  When green flag drops the race has officially started.

22. If the race is re-started, all cars return to their original positions.  Any car for which a yellow or red flag is thrown will go to the rear.  Then the race will be re-aligned according to the way they crossed the finish line during the last completed lap.  A red flag means stop and hold position.  A yellow flag means caution.  WE DO NOT RACE TO THE YELLOW FLAG. 

23. If a car is involved in a spin or accident twice in one race, that car will be disqualified for that race, at the flag mans discretion.  If a car causes a spin or accident and he spins out himself, he will be put to the rear.  If an accident happens and no official can tell what car caused it, we will stop the race and line the cars back like they were before the accident.

24. ANY DISPUTES OR PROTEST must be made at the flag stand before leaving the track after the feature race.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Only the car driver will be allowed to protest.  Any unauthorized participant, including pit crew members, entering flag man's stand, lap counter's booth or announcer's booth will be disqualified and lose points and money for the entire program.  Driver is responsible for crewmembers and spouses.  Any person causing or becoming involved in any un-sportsman like behavior, including stopping on the track to argue, will be suspended from the track for a length of time set forth by management.  Fighting will cause you to get put in jail with a fine, PLUS a suspension from Diamond Park Speedway.  The first suspension will be for two (2) weeks; the second will be for the remainder of the season.  The officers on duty are given the right by management and State of Arkansas to enforce the rules and regulations of Diamond Park Speedway as well as county, state and federal laws.

25. NO BEER OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR INTOXICANTS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED OR TOLERATED ON THE ENTIRE PREMISES DURING THE RACE PROGRAM.  This includes the last race of the evening.  To do so is an automatic disqualification of the car, eviction from the pits and loss of money and points.  At the discretion of the officer on duty, any one who is found intoxicated on track premises will be arrested.

26. There will be absolutely no racecars, tow trucks, or pit crews in the in field unless asked by track officials.

27. A black flag will be given to any car not able to run safely (example: dragging loose parts or leaking fluid), any car not at racing speed, any car with excessive smoking, and any car deliberately driving rough.  These are all at the flag mans discretion.  Spinning around in the in field, any hand language or profanity to any track official will result in a black flag.  A black flag will be given to a car twice.  If a driver ignores the flag, the race may be stopped and the offender put off the track.  This is un-sportsmanlike conduct and will be ground for suspension.

NOT SEEING THE FLAG IS NO EXCUSE.  Black flag rule pertains to all classes.  No racing on the in field.

28. Top five (5) cars must weigh after feature race before leaving the track or car will be disqualified for that race.

29. Special events may be governed by different rules.  If so, amendments will be given either on a flyer for the event or at the driver's meeting.

30. A driver's meeting will be called each race night, when this is called; any driver that does not attend the meeting forfeits any protest or discussion rights for the night.

31. Any towing vehicles, trailers and racecars are allowed in the pit area.

32. It is compulsory for all owners, drivers, mechanics, officials, and all other persons who enter the pit area to sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity agreement.  We assume that you have read one of these forms when you sign it.  All items (tow vehicles, race cars, tools, etc.) are taken into the area at the owners risk and are not covered by the tracks insurance policy.

33. Any one under the age of 18 must have a notarized affidavit consent signed by PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.  NO ONE UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE WILL BE ADMITTED WITH OR WITHOUT CONSENT FORM.

34. The management reserves the right to change the race program or rules at any time to improve racing at Diamond Park Speedway.

35. Any point or rule not covered herein will be decided by track officials and 36. Diamond Park Speedway management at the necessary time and will be final.

Diamond Park Speedway and officials reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who refuses to abide by rules and usual policy of conducting auto racing.  NOTE:  Any car racing at Diamond Park Speedway from another track with minor rule differences may, at management’s discretion, race one night but will be notified of any necessary modifications and will have to be legal on the next visit to Diamond Park Speedway.



Rules are the same for both classes

BODY: Any American made stock passenger car with full frame, or Chrysler unibodies.NO front wheel drives. Stock appearing aftermarket plastic nose or tail pieces are allowed. NO spoilers (even if factory equipped), wings, skirts, air scoops or anything that alters stock appearance. A front visor is allowed on the windshield area maximum 7 inches. Sunroofs and T-tops must be reinforced and enclosed. No nerf bars. Maximum one inch wide by two inch tall steel or Lexan rub rails allowed – bolted flush to body. All glass, plastic, upholstery, lights, mirrors and trim must be removed. Can run sheet metal doors but the rest of body panel’s must be stock metal. Front inner fender wells may be removed. Cars must be strictly stock. NO cutting, channeling, shortening or modifying is allowed. Front and rear outer fenders may be cut for wheel and tire clearance. NO excessive trimming of fenders allowed, must maintain stock appearance. NO enclosed interiors or decking allowed. No part of dash can be more than 28 inches from back edge of the center of the hood. Front and rear firewalls must remain in stock location and be full and complete. ALL openings should be covered as to isolate the driver, subject to track approval. Race car body should be maintained in such a manner as to keep a presentable appearance. Cars with floppy or loose parts will NOT be allowed to race until such repairs are made.

BUMPERS: Stock type rear bumper required. Stock type front bumper may be used, or a fabricated front bumper may be used with the following conditions: cars with aftermarket nose pieces- the bumper may extend past frame rails for support and reinforcements; cars without nosepieces- the bumper may not extend past front frame horns. NO SHARP EDGES.

ROLL CAGE: Minimum four-point cage, minimum size 1 ½ O.D. by .095 wall thickness. Minimum three bars in driver’s side door and two bars on passenger side door (three bars if passenger in car). Four-point quick release seat belt and harness required for driver and passenger. Racing seats required. Must have window nets for driver and passenger. Must have three bars in front of driver and passenger in windshield area.

ENGINE: must be stock for the make and model except no 400’s or larger small or big blocks. All engine components, distributor, etc… must be strictly stock. Cast piston only. Chevy must use 4 equal valve relief pistons. Mini starter and aftermarket pulleys OK. Aftermarket power-steering pumps OK. Metric cars may run a 350. NO stroking or de-stroking. Engine must be in stock location. Solid motor and transmission mounts OK. Maximum cranking compression 175 lbs. (ignition off, engine turned over 5 times).
Aluminum Water Pumps OK.

CAMSHAFT, VALVETRAIN AND CYLINDER HEADS: Hydraulic cam and lifters only. .450 lift maximum on camshaft lift. 1.94 maximum intake valve diameter, 1.50 maximum exhaust valve diameter on Chevrolet engines. Stock size valve springs and stock length pushrods only. Stamped steel 1.5 rockers and 3/8 studs on Chevy, 1,6 on Fords and Chrysler, NO roller tips. Open chambered heads only, must be unaltered, O.E.M. NO porting, polishing or gasket matching allowed. Screw in studs and guide plates OK. 305 engines may use 305 heads (no vortec). Neck down valves OK.

CARBURATION AND FUEL SYSTEM: Holley 4412, 2 barrel only. Must be unaltered. Choke plate may be removed. 4412 must be cast into body of carburator. Maximum 1 inch spacer. Fuel pump must be in stock location for make, NO electric pumps or fuel injection even if factory equipped.

EXHAUST: Stock unaltered cast iron exhaust manifolds only. NO Chevy center dump, Corvette, marine or tubular steel type manifolds. Mufflers required. NO exceptions.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: Stock unaltered or cast iron intake only. NO aftermarket or stock high performance or high rise. NO bowties. NO porting, polishing or gasket matching.

TRANSMISSIONS: Any stock type automatic or manual. Automatics must have working 11 inch torque converter. NO direct drives. Transmission cooler OK. Manual must have 10.5 inch clutch and steel flywheel. NO mini clutches. Steel drive shafts must be painted white and have a loop 6 inches from front u-joint.

FUEL: Pump gas, Racing fuel allowed. NO additives or smells. Fuel tank must be secured in trunk. Fuel cells recommended.

SUSPENSION: Front and rear suspension must be stock for that make and model of car. May use tubular upper control arms on front mount but MUST be INSTOCK mount. NO air shocks. NO other alterations to any part of the suspension will be allowed. Any spring in stock location, NO spacers or adjustable weight jacks of any kind, must sit in unaltered stock mounts. Any stock mount shock.

REAR END: Stock rear-end for make and model. Gears may be locked. Gear ratio optional. 9” Ford rear-end is allowed.

STEERING AND DRIVER SEAT: Steering boxes must remain in stock location. Aftermarket steering wheel and quick release steering coupling are recommended. Quick steer boxes allowed. NO part of driver seat may be no further back than 25 inches forward of center line of rear end housing.

RADIATORS: Any (1) radiator that fits in original location without any body modifications is allowed. Water pump mounted fans only, NO electric fans. Fan spacers OK.

IGNITION: One 12 volt battery only must be mounted securely in rear of driver’s compartment or trunk area. One stock distributor in stock location only. NO modifications allowed.   Plugs and wires may be aftermarket. Ignitions on/off switch must be clearly marked. NO traction control devices of any kind.

BRAKES: May use any one (1) Master Cylinder.  After market pedal is OK. Must have 3 working brakes. Right front may be blocked. NO bias adjustment is allowed. Disc brakes allowed in rear, NO aluminum or composite rotors. Must use steel stock type rotors on rear disc.

TIRES AND WHEELS: 8 inch maximum wide wheels allowed, 15 inch diameter steel wheels only, wheel covers and mud plugs right rear only. NO bead locks or screws allowed. NO bleed-off valves. Must run 1 inch steel lug nuts. Approved Hoosier asphalt pull-offs only, 35 or higher, must durometer 51 or higher. NO grooving, siping or softening allowed. All 4 tires must be asphalt pull-offs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

WEIGHT: Weight must be securely added to car. Car must weigh minimum 3000 lbs. With driver after race.

COURTESY RULE: Any car from another track with “minor” rule infractions will be allowed to race one (1) night. Cars with infractions are subject to weight penalty.


Complete Tear Down: $350 (If legal protested car gets $300. If illegal protesting car gets $300 back). You must finish the Feature Race in the Top 10 in order to protest.

Heads, bore and stroke: $150

Carburetor claim: $250

Shocks: $20 each and swap

Distributor claim: $100 and swap


BODY: American made factory street cars, 1955 or newer. Cars must have a stock appearance. Convertibles, sub-compacts and front wheel drives are NOT allowed. Body and frame for make and model of car must remain stock. Stock front and rear firewall, floor pan, hood, trunk, rear fenders and rear fender wells are REQUIRED. Front fenders may be fabricated, but must resemble stock appearance. Rear fenders and doors may be repaired with sheet metal. Bracing of uni-body is required. Cars must be painted with a contrasting number on side and the top. Drivers seat no futher back than rear window opening. May use aftermarket or fabricated gas and clutch petal. The TOP FIVE cars in the feature or semi-feature must weigh before leaving or be disqualified. MUST WEIGH 3,300 lbs. with driver.

 ENGINES: All engines must be stock production, cast iron. All casting numbers must be readable. Pistons must be stock or stock replacement only. Must be four valve relief, flat top piston 5/64 compression rings and 3/16 oil rings, no light weights. Forged pistons are allowed. Ten thousandths deck clearance. Crank shaft must be stock or stock type aftermarket replacement - 4340 crank shaft may be used. Must weigh minimum 50 lbs. Do not cut down or knife edge. Must be 3.48 stroke plus or minus .010. no stroking or de-stroking. Rods must be stock or stock replacement. Rod bolts and nuts ONLY, no cap screws. Must be 5.7 length. Wrist pin must be pressed, no floaters. May run a fluid dampener. HYDRAULIC CAMS AND STOCKSIZE HYDRAULIC LIFTERS ONLY. Cam shafts maximum .460 lift. No factory stamp required. No roller cams, lifter or rocker arms. Stock 1.5 rockers, standard or longslot. Poly locks, valley pans and double roller timing chains are allowed. Distributor must be stock or stock replacement. May use aftermarket coil and module. Coil must be distributor mounted. Engines may be balanced. Maximum cubic inch, including wear, is 362 for GM, 372 for Chrysler and 362 for all others. Motor can be set back, but the number 1 plug must be not further back than the center of ball joint. Cast iron manifolds, center drops OK, with a maximum 2 inch outlet. May use any headers. Aftermarket oil pans and windage trays are OK. Cast iron heads OK.

HEADS: Stock production cast iron or aluminum part numbers listed below. Old cast iron style heads may use aluminum Edlebrock intake part # 2701, absolutely no alterations. Heads MAY NOT be altered by any type of machine other than standard valve seat grinding. No porting, polishing, or gasket matching of any kind. A 3 angled valve seat OK. The valve bowl can be cut but not blended. Valve springs must be stock or stock replacement. Must be 1 spring with a single dampener, maximum diameter 1.275 inches. May use any locks and retainers. The valve stem neck down .030" maximum. The combustion chamber on heads must be NO SMALLER THAN 56 cc. No shaving of heads other than resurfacing. NO ANGLE MILLING. Stock OEM vortec heads OK. Edlebrock aluminum intake part # 2716 may be used, absolutely no alterations. Valve must be 1.94 and 1.50 in vortec. No angle plug or off road racing heads on GM and no W-2 heads on Chryslers.

CARBURETORS: Must be 2 barrel carburetors. May use Holley carburetor part number 4412. CARBURETORS MUST HAVE (4412)

PART NUMBER ON IT. All adaptors, including gaskets, must measure no taller than 1 ½ inches. Carburetor must remain stock with throttle bores not larger than 1 11/16 inches. Manual fuel pumps only. No electric fuel pumps. Top and bottom must gauge check on carb. Claimer $250.

SUSPENSION AND WHEEL BASE: Front suspension must remain stock. Racing shocks and springs are allowed. May run composite rear springs. NO air or coil over cover shocks. No adjustable shocks. May use tubular upper control arms on front mount but MUST be INSTOCK mount. Any American made ½ ton rear end is allowed, but must remain on stock suspension. Rear end may be locked with a mini or a full spool. NO Gold Trac, or traction control devices of any kind allowed. Body blocks on rear frame or axle are OK. May use adjustable spring buckets on front. Adjustable shackles on leaf springs and spring spacers on rear coil springs are OK. NO WEIGHT JACKS. NO SHOCK EXTENTIONS. Wheel base is a minimum of 108 inches, plus or minus 1 inch. Quick steering and quick release steering wheels are OK. Steering must remain in stock position. Floater rear ends are OK. No adjustable brake assemblies. Shut off valve to front right brake is allowed if under the hood and out of reach of the driver..May use one (1) Master Cylinder, Aftermarket pedal is ok.

TRANSMISSION: Any stock automatic or standard transmission allowed. Standard transmissions must have a stock single disc clutch and pressure plate. NO button or mini clutches are allowed. Clutch, pressure plate and flywheel must weigh 42 lbs. as a unit. NO aluminum transmissions. MUST HAVE ALL working gears. Blow proof bell housing required with standards.

RADIATOR, TIRES AND WHEELS: Any radiator that fits in stock location without modification is allowed. Aluminum water pumps are allowed. No electric fans or extra cooling devices. Transmission coolers must be mounted outside of driver’s compartment. NASCAR pull-offs only. NO radial tires. Steel wheels with a maximum width of 8 inches only. Bead locks OK on right rear only. RACING FUEL, PUMP GAS OR AVIATION FUEL ONLY. NO ADDITIVIES. Fuel is subject to be analyzed. Front bumpers may be fabricated but must have a nose cover. Nerf rails must be flush with body of car.

GENERAL: A fully charged and operational fire extinguisher is mandatory at all times. A fire suit must be worn at all times.


You must finish the Feature Race in the Top 10 in order to protest.

Complete Tear Down: $350

Heads, bore and stroke: $150 


American made street cars, 1955 and newer.  Front strut cars are OK.  NO PULL BARS.  The strut tower can be trimmed but not cut out.  NO front wheel drives allowed.  Body and frame must be STOCK for make and model of car.  The stock firewall, floor pan, hood and trunk lid are required.  Rear fender wells may be cut out for tire clearence.  Front fenders and doors may be fabricated but must resemble the stock fender.  No flat side or slab bodies.  Cars must have stock appearing bodies.  Any damage may be repaired with sheet metal.  Bracing of the uni-body is required for a full frame effect.  All cars must be painted, contrasting on sides and top.  The TOP FIVE cars must weigh after the semi-feature and feature BEFORE LEAVING TRACK or be DISQUALIFIED.  Cars must weigh 3,200 lbs. with driver.


ENGINE:  All blocks must be stock production, cast iron blocks.  ALL casting numbers MUST BE READABLE.  Flat top pistons ONLY.  Piston deck clearance .000.  Any 5.7 length rod OK.  Crankshaft must be minimum 50 lbs.  NO knife edge.  Stroke must be 3.48 plus or minus .010.  NO stroking or de-stroking.  May use hydraulic or solid lift cam, no lift rule.  No roller, mushroom or gear drive cams allowed.  Roller rockers are OK.  Aftermarket oil pans with windage trays are OK.  Cubic inch limit including wear is 362 GM, 372 Chrysler, all others 362.  Motor may be set back but number one plug must be no further back than the center of the top ball joint.  Headers are OK. A car with a Batesville - Tri-State motors may run this class with a 2 barrel carburetor.


HEADS:  Stock production cast iron heads ONLY or aftermarket vortec replacement.  170 cc intake runner maximum on aftermarket vortec replacement.  No porting or polishing, gasket matching or angle milling of any kind.  Maximum valve size 2.02 intake, 1.60 exhaust.  Ford and Chrysler must be stock size for head casting number.  Aftermarket valve spring OK, single spring with dampener ONLY.  Screw in studs and stud girdle are OK.  Any locks and retainers are OK.  Valve stem may be necked down no more than .030.  Combustion chambers must be no smaller than 56 cc.  Valve bowls may be cut, but not blended.  3 angle valve jobs are legal.  No angle plug heads on GM, no W-2 heads on Chrysler.  No off road racing heads or bowtie equipment.  Intake may be cast iron or aluminum, dual or single plane only.  HEI stock or stock type replacement type distributor.  Aftermarket coil and module OK, but must be distributor mounted.  Edlebrock, Carter AFB, Quadrajet or unaltered Holley # 4779.  Holley must have choke tower with part number.

SUSPENSION AND WHEEL BASE:  Racing springs and shocks are OK.  NO weight jacks or other weight transfer devices.  Front and rear suspension must be in stock location for make and model of car.  Shocks must mount in stock location.  Heim joint shocks OK in the stock location.  May use shock extensions on top or bottom, but must mount in stock location.  No air, coil over or adjustable shocks.  Leaf spring cars may use lowering blocks on rear, coil spring cars may use spacer on coils.  Adjustable shackles on rear leaf springs OK.  Adjustable spring spacers on front springs OK.  May use tubular upper control arms on front but must mount in stock mount.  Must be non-adjustable.  Aftermarket brake and clutch assemblies are OK.  All cars must be stock wheel base for make and model, plus or minus 1 inch.  Quick steering OK, but must remain in stock position.  Back of driver seat can not be past back of door window opening.  Floater rear end OK.  No Gold Trac or traction devices of any kind.  101 inch wheelbase minimum, plus or minus one inch. Brake bias front to back is ok.

 TRANSMISSION and CLUTCH:  Stock automatic or standard transmissions only, must have all working gears.  Mini clutch OK.  Must have dummy torque converter on automatics.  No direct drive.  Converter does not have to be functional, but must be in place.  Blow proof bell housing required with a standard.

 RADIATOR, TIRES and WHEELS:  Any radiator that mounts in stock location OK.  No extra cooling devices.  10 inch wheels and NASCAR pull-offs ONLY.  Racing fuel ONLY, no alcohol.  Must be block mounted fuel pump.


You must finish the Feature Race in the Top 10 in order to protest.

Complete Tear Down:  $350

Heads, bore and stoke:  $150

Suspension:  $150

Carburetor Claim $550


BODY: Wheel base: any American made OEM produced COUPE OR SEDAN BODY AND REAR WHEEL DRIVE: sheet metal bodies OK.  Air filters can pass  through hood a max of 6". No ram air, or fresh air systems, mud guard in front of filter OK.  All exterior lamps and trim must be removed, may be covered with sheet metal.  Doors must be fastened,or bolted shut.  All glass and interior trim must be removed. All openings in driver area must be covered with sheet metal so as to isolate driver compartment from engine trunk/fuel cell and ground areas.  Wheel base must remain stock according to year model frame used.  Main roll cage tubing must be minimum of 1-1/2". Driver's side must have 3 door bars. New cars are recommended to be built out of 1-3/4" roll cage.

Aftermarket plastic nose pieces will be allowed.  Body must be a minimum of 5 inches from the ground.  7" max on sun visor.  Spoilers are legal.  8" tall maximum. Aftermarket roof OK.

WEIGHT: Must weigh at least 3,000 pounds after race with driver in car.  No tolerance by track scales. No weights and/or loose objects in driver compartment or outside body.  Weights must be securely mounted to frame or roll cage and painted white with car number on it. Must be attached with at least two 5" bolts. No titanium, magnesium or carbon fiber products, parts, or components. No gun-drilled, tubular, hollow bolts or studs.  Steel fasteners only.

BRAKES: Must be steel approved OEM, drum or disc.  Must maintain OEM dimensions
for hubs/rotors and calipers. Cannot be lightened. Bolt pattern may be changed.  Larger studs allowed.  Rear rotors may be aftermarket. min. 0.810 inch thickness.  Vented rotors only.  No scalloped rotors.  No floating brakes.  Three wheel brakes OK.  Aftermarket pedal assembly allowed. Front to rear brake bias.

BUMPERS:  Front and rear bumpers required. Stock or fabricated OK. No sharp edges.  Front bumper may not extend beyond inside tire width, except cars with nose pieces.  Fabricated bumpers may be no more than 1-3/4 OD.   .125 wall round tube or 2 x 3 x..125 wall rectangle. Fabricated bumpers must be capped at ends.  Nerf bars allowed.  One bar per side on doors and quarter panels.  Nerf bars can be 2" max from body.  No larger than 1-1/2" round tubing on nerf bars.  1" x 2" square tubing.

FRAMES:  American made passenger car stock frame.  Wheel base must be stock for make and model of car.

ENGINE: Cast iron stock OEM American made blocks only.  No chevy big blocks or 400 small blocks.

VALVETRAIN:  Any flat tappet cam.  No mushroom, or roller of any type.  No gear or belt driven cams.  Roller Rocker Arms OK.

CARBURETOR AND FUEL PUMP:  Single two or four barrel only. No dual carbs.  Aftermarket fuel pumps OK.  All pumps must mount in stock location.  No electric fuel pumps.

CYLINDER HEADS:  Cast iron only.  No porting or polishing.

EXHAUST:  Round tube headers only.  All primary header tubes must enter directly into one collector, at same point at end of header.

IGNITION:  Any EHI stock replacement distributor is allowed.  Aftermarket cap, coils, rotor, plug wires, etc, OK.  MSD box OK.  No traction devices.

INTAKE MANIFOLD:  Cast iron or aluminum.

LOCATION:  Number 1 plug in-line with ball joint.  Aftermarket or fabricated motor mounts OK.  Rear engine mount may be solid mounts or plates.

OIL SYSTEM: Extra capacity pan or Accusump OK.  Oil pumps in stock location.  No dry sumps.

FUEL:  Race fuels or alcohol OK.  No nitro bearing additives or any other exotic additives or fuel.  No nitrous oxide.

FUEL CELL:  Racing fuel cell required.  No boat or stock automotive fuel tanks.Must be securely fastened inside trunk of car and mounted around cell by at least two steel straps no smaller than 1/8" by 1".  Trunk floor and wells must have drain holes cut so as not to allow spilled fuel to be trapped in trunk area.  Radiator cannot mount higher than hood or extend through hood.  Electric fans OK.

REAR-END:  Must be locked.  Spool or mini-spool recommended.  Aftermarket axles OK.  9" Ford under any body OK.  No limited slips such as Gold-Trac, Detroit Locker, etc.  Floaters OK.

  OEM STEERING GEAR BOX IN STOCK LOCATION FOR FRAME USED.  Quick steer boxes OK. Aftermarket pump OK.  aftermarket steering wheel with disconnect OK. Driver must sit in left front quadrant of race car.

SUSPENSION: Steel racing springs OK.  Coils must be minimum 4.5" outside diameter.  Spring spacers or lowering blocks for ride height adjustment OK.  Racing or stock shocks OK.  No air shocks.  Weight jacks and rear leaf shackles OK.  No cockpit operated shock or spring adjustment devices.  May use fabricated control arms.  Lower control arms mounts can be no lower than 4" max length to center of bolt hole from bottom of rear-end.  3 Links and Pull bars OK.  Coilover & monoleafs OK ON CAMARO. No aftermarket 4 Links.

TIRES:  Must run 10" Asphalt Pull-Offs.

TRANSMISSION:  Automatic or standard OEM approved OK on any car.  Driver must be able to put car in forward, neutral and reverse while running.  Transmission cooler OK and may be attached to cage. Scatter shields or blow proof bell housing mandatory.  No aluminum bell housing allowed!  Mini Clutch or Direct Drive OK, but must be mounted to the crankshaft.  Minimum 2" diameter steel drive shaft mus tbe painted white,and must have drive shaft loop mounted 6" back from front U-Joint.  Bert and Brinn transmission OK.  Falcon transmission OK. No reverse mount starters.

WHEELS:  15" Diameter Steel Wheels only.  -  maximum 10" width, racing wheels OK.  One inch (1") steel lug nuts required.

NUMBERS:  Numbers must be on top and on both sides of car.  Numbers must be 20" tall and legible.

You must finish in the top 10 in order to lodge a protest.

Complete Tear-down:  $550.00

Heads, bore and stroke: $150.00

Suspension: $150.00

Carburetor Claim:  $550.00

2014 Limited Modified Rules


  1. SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Rules apply at all times car is on track. Snell-rated SA2005 or SA2010 helmet required. Roll bar padding required in driver compartment. Recommended: Fire retardant padding. SFI-approved full fire suit required. Fire retardant gloves, shoes and neck brace (or head and neck restraint) required. Right and left seat head supports required if using head and neck restraint system. Recommended: Fire retardant head sock and underwear, collapsible steering shaft. Driver-side window net required, minimum 16 inch by 20 inch ribbon or mesh style, and must be mounted to roll cage so latch is at top front of window. Minimum three inch (two inch with head restraint system) wide SFI-approved five point safety belt assembly required, must be mounted securely to main roll cage. Recommended: Safety belts no more than two years old. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’.


2. FRAME: 1978-1987 OEM midsize GM metric full frame only. Minimum wheelbase 107 inches, maximum 109 inches, both sides. Frame must be full and complete, cannot be widened, narrowed, shortened, lengthened, or be cut, bent, or altered to change suspension brackets, except upper control arm brackets on front end. All frame bolt holes must remain in OEM location. Front frame horns may be removed in front of steering box. Front frame may be cut for radiator clearance. Frame may be notched for seat clearance.

Transmission crossmember mounts may be removed, no further forward than frame welds. Rear of frame, behind upper shock mounts, may be replaced with round, square, or rectangular tubing. No part of frame can be lower than five inches from ground except front crossmember. No other frame alterations allowed. See for OEM frame dimensions.


3. ROLL CAGE: Must consist of continuous hoops, minimum 1.5 inch O.D. tubing, with a minimum wall thickness of .095 inch for main cage. Cages must be steel or chrome-moly. Main cage no further forward than rear of engine and no further back than front edge of rear tire. Four bars, two per side, may extend from main roll cage to main frame points in front of the upper control arms. These bars may have two additional braces per side to the main frame. Six bars may extend from the main cage to the rear. X-bracing is allowed. Driver’s head must not protrude outside cage with helmet on. Roll cage must be securely supported and braced with minimum one cross bar in top halo. All bars forward of cage must be lower than hood.

4. DOOR BARS: Minimum three driver side door bars required, minimum 1.5 inch O.D. and .083 inch wall thickness, must be parallel to ground and perpendicular to driver, and welded to front and rear of roll cage. Minimum two passenger side door bars required, must have at least one cross door bar, horizontal or angled. Steel door plate, 18 gauge or .049 inch, required.

5. BODY: Outlaw Bodies Allowed. All Body Panels are subject to be approved by Track Tech Man.

6. DRIVER COMPARTMENT: Must have minimum three windshield bars in front of driver. Lexan or aluminum cowl panel in front of driver can be no wider than cockpit and no further back than steering wheel. Floor pan must be metal or aluminum and cover entire driver compartment. Aluminum high-back seat only, must be securely bolted, using minimum 0.375 inch bolts, to roll cage and support system. Bottom of seat can be no lower than bottom of framerail. Driver must be sealed off from track, driveline, engine, fuel cell, cannisters and pumps. No oil coolers allowed in driver compartment. No devices that would enable driver adjustment to alter wheelbase or for weight jacking while car is in competition. No mirrors of any kind.

7. FRONT SUSPENSION: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location, and match frame. No jack bolts allowed. Adjustable spring buckets are allowed. Must use OEM upper and lower A-frames and mounts. OEM upper A-frame may be replaced using aftermarket upper A-frame (steel or aluminum cross shaft allowed. Upper A-frame mounts may be modified and moved for caster and camber adjustment, but must remain OEM material. Lower Aframe mounts and bolt holes on frame must be in OEM location, mount may be notched for clearance. All A-frame bushings may be aftermarket, but no offset or bearing type. OEM or OEM replacement ball joints allowed, may be tacked in. Sway bars (optional) and brackets must remain OEM.

8. STEERING: All components must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame. No grinding, lightening or welding on any steering parts. Spindle may be reamed and bolt on spindle savers are allowed. Steel steering shafts and knuckles only. Steering quickener (optional), steering wheel and quick release (required) may be aluminum. Power steering pump and reservoir must remain one unit. Driver compartment steering may be modified, must be kept on left side. No rack and pinion.

9. SHOCKS: One unaltered steel, nonadjustable, OEM mount shock, in OEM location, per wheel. Mounting spacers and weld or screw on shock ends allowed. No coil-over shocks, air shocks, remote reservoir shocks. No Schrader or bladder type valve allowed. One or all shocks may be claimed per event for $50 each, counting as one claim on card, following shock claim procedures (Refer to

10. SPRINGS: One steel spring (racing allowed) per wheel only. Minimum 4.5 inches O.D., non-progressive coils only. No torsion bars or air bags.

11. REAR SUSPENSION: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location, and match frame. No jack bolts allowed. Adjustable spring buckets allowed, may be dropped as long as they remain in OEM location. If upper spring cup uses all thread, it must be securely welded to chassis. Lower spring cups must be centered on housing. Control arms may be reinforced, but cannot be shortened or lengthened, must remain OEM length. All control arm bushings may be aftermarket, but no offset or bearing type. Bushings cannot be drilled. No suspension parts may be altered or lightened. No aluminum parts allowed, other than bushings.

12. REAR END: Must use OEM 7.5 inch GM 10 bolt rear end (bracing optional), must remain stock width. No Ford or floater rear end allowed. Housing end, from control arm mount out, may be modified with three inch tubing to accept nine inch Ford axle. If Ford axles are used, rearend must remain minimum GM width or maximum three inches wider. Steel components only. OEM mounts on lower control arms must remain in OEM location on original 7.5 inch tube housing. Aftermarket axles, mini-spools and C-clip eliminators allowed. Locked rear ends only, no torque dividing differentials allowed. No full or aluminum spools allowed. Pinion angle cannot be changed. Any gear ratio allowed but housing must remain unaltered. No quick change devices.

13. BUMPERS/RUB RAILS: (see diagram) Steel bumpers must be on front and rear at all times and welded, or mounted with minimum 0.375 inch bolts. Two bar front bumper must be minimum 1.25 inch O.D. tubing with minimum .065 inch wall thickness (maximum 0.095 inch) mounted frame end to frame end. Rear bumper must be constructed of minimum 1.25 inch tubing, 0.095 wall thickness. Maximum 1.50 inch O.D. tubing, .095 inch wall thickness fuel cell protection bar required, must cover rear and extend past both sides of cell, may be welded to rear bumper. Rear bumper may be maximum six inches beyond rear deck. All bumpers and rub rails must be capped with no sharp edges. Single bar rub rail from front to rear wheel allowed on each side, no center supports allowed, maximum 1.50 inch O.D. tubing and .095 inch wall thickness, must be mounted to cage at front and rear of rub rail.

14. TIRES/WHEELS: Must use unaltered Hoosier 500 or AR 500. No chemical softening, conditioning or grooving of tires (Refer to for automatic penalties). Tires may be ground or siped within confines of tread. Any offset allowed. May use bead lock, on right rear only. External steel bead lock only and it cannot make wheel any narrower than eight inches and no wider than 8.75-inches. Steel bolts only. Foam type or plastic outer mud cover allowed on right side wheels. Inner mud cover allowed on left rear only. No bleeder valves. Must use minimum one inch O.D. steel lug nuts and 0.625 inch studs are recommended. No wheel spacers allowed with OEM studs. Wheel adapters are treated as spacers and may be aluminum, maximum 1.50 inches thick.

15. BRAKES: Must be steel OEM, operative four wheel, drum or disc. Right front brake shut-off allowed. Must maintain minimum OEM dimensions for hubs/rotors and calipers, cannot be lightened. No oil bath front hubs. Bolt pattern may be changed. Larger studs allowed. Single or dual aftermarket master cylinders allowed. Driver adjustable dual pedal brake bias allowed. Additional proportioning valve (in-line type) allowed, must be out of driver reach. Rear rotors may be aftermarket, minimum 0.81 inch thickness (new), maximum 12 inch O.D. Vented solid surface rotors only, no scalloped or ceramic coated rotors. Rear caliper brackets must be welded to housing.

16. EXHAUST:. Any Style Header as long as the tubes are 1 5/8 into a 3 inch Collector. Turn down (maximum 10 inches) allowed. No header modifications allowed. No exhaust sensors, merge collectors, cross-overs, extensions, inserts, cones or balance tubes. Coated headers allowed. NO TRI-Y ALLOWED

17. FUEL SYSTEM: Racing fuel cell required, maximum 22 gallon capacity (Recommended: 12 gallon), must be in minimum 20 gauge steel container. Must mount with minimum two solid steel straps around entire cell, two inches wide and 0.125 inch thick, between frame rails and behind rear axle. Fuel cell vents, including cap vent, must have check valves. If fuel cell does not have aircraft style positive seal filler neck/cap system - a flapper, spring or ball type filler rollover valve is required. No part of cell can be lower than protective tubing. No regulators, bypass fuel systems, pressurized, or return lines allowed. One fuel filter allowed. No cool cans. Any air cleaner allowed. No cold air boxes or ducting of any kind between engine and hood. Mechanical OEM type push rod fuel pumps only. Maximum 0.100 inch thick carburetor gaskets on all engines. CLAIM ENGINE: must use IMCA approved naturally aspirated, unaltered 500 c.f.m. Holley – part no. 4412, may be modified to Holley HP Dorton part no. 0-80583-1 specs only. Float bowl must face forward. Any adapter, maximum one inch thick. No throttle bore adjustable carburetor spacers. GM CRATE ENGINE: may use any Holley four-barrel carburetor, all components (float bowls and main body) must be Holley manufactured. Metering blocks and base plate may be billet aluminum non-Holley. No aerosol-style carburetors allowed. May use Speedway Motors part #54564940 or Moroso part #64940 carburetor spacer on crate.

18. FUEL: Racing fuel allowed. No performance enhancing additives or scented additives.

19. WEIGHT: Minimum weight limit of 2,350 pounds after race with driver in car. Weights must not be used in driver compartment or outside body. All weights must be securely mounted with at least two 0.5 inch bolts, painted white with car number on it. No titanium, magnesium, stainless steel or carbon fiber components. Solid steel fasteners only.

20. BATTERY/STARTER: One 12 volt battery only, must be securely mounted and positive terminal must be covered. Aftermarket starter allowed, must bolt in OEM location and directly engage flexplate/flywheel. Car must have capability welded to chassis. Lower spring cups must be centered on housing. Control arms may be reinforced, but cannot be shortened or lengthened, 2014 Limited Modified Rules